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How do authors view the landscape, nature, or our environment through literature? Are they trying to tell us something? Do they portray nature sympathetically, tangentially, metaphorically, or with hostility? Is the environment the subject as in Majorie Stoneman, Douglas' book, The Everglades: River of Grass? Is man an integral part of the environment, or is he a hidden figure of doom as in Watership Down by Richard Adams or White Fang by Jack London? Does the work vilify man as destroyer of our environment or is the environment something to be tamed in order to survive?

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1. Read the book (I hope you have done this already!) and the introduction

2.Write and post your Critique (See: Session objectives and student performance indicators below for for topics and instructions)

3. Discuss topic(s) selected by group moderator.

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Topic: Use of the environment in "A Land Remembered"
Moderator of
Group One: Barbara Rebor
Group Two: Ailbee Caldwell

Session Objectives and Student Performance Indicators:

  1. Demonstrate an understanding of the multidisciplinary nature of knowledge through a critique on "A Land Remembered"

    1. What is the theme of the book?
    2. How has the author used land to move the plot along?
    3. How does the author or individuals in the book manipulate the environment to their needs?
    4. How does the author or individuals in the book adapt to the environment?

  2. Demonstrate Critical Thinking skills.

    In the discussion of the relationship between the characters, the plot and the environment in the book.

    A facilitator will begin the discussion and guide the discussion. 

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