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Session 1 -- On campus meeting

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Technology Skills Orientation


1. Write self learning goals

2. Complete

a) Technology Skills Self-Assessment Survey

b) Distance Learning Readiness Assessment

3. Activate your account (if you are new student or if you have activiated your account with FGCU)

4. Complete Web Skills Tutorial and Email Tutorial (if you are going to use FGCU student email system)

5. Complete Library Tutorials

6. Browse through the Tutorial Site and complete other online tutorials or on-campus technology workshops as necessary.



Session objectives and student performance indicators:

  1. Create a Word document
  2. Search the web to find information related to issues in ecology and environment
  3. Understand and be able to use Inter-Library loan
  4. Send an email with an attachment to the instructor (sstans@fgcu.edu) (Included in the attachment a short biographer and the reasons for taking this course).
  5. Post a message on the webboard
  6. Reply to a posting on the webboard
  7. Know the student responsibility and the role of active learning in this course
  8. Know how to be a discussant on the webboard and interaction with other members of the class
  9. Understand course assignments, deadlines, and the grading system
  10. Understand course outcomes and course expectations
  11. Get to know one another
  12. Form groups

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