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Click on the triangle shaped play button above to play the Module 1, Orientation - Narrated Presentation.
If this presentation does not play, or if you do not see the presentation, go to the bottom of this page and follow the instructions for installing QuickTime from the CD.

Technical Orientation

This technical orientation will make sure you have your computer correctly configured, the necessary "plug-ins" installed, and can do basic computer skills like send e-mail attachments.

To take this class you will need:

1) A computer with a sound card, speakers, and a fast Internet connection

2)The following software and plug-ins:

Internet Explorer or Firefox
Adobe Acrobat Reader
Apple QuickTime

These pages look best at a screen resolution of 1024 x 768 but will work at 800 x 600. You will learn what resolution your computer is set for in the Readings

If you use a "Pop Up Killer", TURN IT OFF. Otherwise, you may not be able to see the large versions of the graphics

Apple QuickTime

We will use video extensively in the course, so you need a fast internet connection. To view these videos, you must have Apple QuickTime and Flash installed.

Apple and Microsoft are feuding again, making the QuickTime set up for Internet Explorer much more complex. Depending on what you see below, what version of IE you're using, and what error messages you get, your set up procedures will vary. I recommend Firefox for a better web experience.

Set Up Procedure #1

Do you see the small movie screen below? If so, click on the triangle. Did a movie play? If so, you're done.

Can't see the movie screen above?

First, make sure you have QuickTime installed.

If you're sure you have QuickTime installed and still don't see the movie screen, do you see a yellow bar at the top of the page warning "Internet Explorer has restricted this file" or language to that effect?? If so, click on the yellow bar and choose "Allow blocked content." Then choose YES.

If you're getting an error message about "plug-ins", click on the Set Up Procedure #2 below.

You may be asked if you want to download an ActiveX plug-in from Apple. If so, say YES.

QuickTime Set Up Procedure #2

Acrobat Reader

There is no textbook for the course, but you will still have many readings. They will either be found on the Internet or e-mailed to you as Adobe Acrobat files.

Many of these readings are very long, up to 60 pages. It will be much easier if you print these articles rather than read them on the screen. People don't read as fast or comprehend material as thoroughly on the computer screen as on paper. So I suggest you get a fresh printer cartridge and a ream of paper.

The link below is from your Module 2 Assignment. Open it and print it out. If it fails to open, install (or reinstall) Acrobat Reader.

Media Diary

Acrobat Reader

Click on the above link to download the Acrobat Reader.

Now, click on the "Readings" button at the top of the page.

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