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Advertising Techniques - Feeding the Lizard Brain

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The Soft Sell

"The friendliness quotient"

"Sheer liking of an ad or a commercial, regardless of the copy points"

As a rule, soft sell ads appeal to the instinct rather than the intellect. They try to establish emotional linkages between the product and the consumer.

This ad uses phallic, vaginal, and other sexual symbols. Yet, the music and the actors make this campaign "fun" and memorable rather than "dirty." It clearly and powerfully advances an advertising message without using a single fact.
The ad on the right for the new Volkswagen is targeted directly at my generation. It plays on our nostalgic memories of the classic VW bus and graphically links it to the "New Beetle."

Emotional Appeals

There are many types of emotional appeals but the eight most common are:

1) Transference

Transferring emotions from a concept or object to another concept or object.

2) The Product as Hero

This is the cousin to the product demonstration since it shows the product in use. But it uses emotional appeals rather than factual ones.

3) Glittering Generalities

Using vague adjectives loaded with positive emotional connotations to promote a product, person, or idea.

4) Slice of Life

Tell a real story about a real person with a real need. Then solve that need with your product, person, or idea.

5) The Spokesperson

Trust me .......

6) The Slogan

As Hitler noted in the previous section, slogans have enormous power. They can condense complex ideas into an easily remember phrase. And a memorable slogan can short cut critical thinking.

7) Name Calling

Make your product look good by making the other product look bad. Side by side product demonstrations are one way to do this.

8) The Bandwagon

Peer pressure applied to the marketplace of goods and ideas.

Advertising Techniques - Feeding the Lizard Brain

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