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Advertising Techniques - Just the Facts, Ma'am

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Truth Vs. Propaganda

"... all effective [advertisement] has to limit itself only to a very few points and to use them like slogans until even the very last man is able to imagine what is intended by such a word."
- Adolf Hitler

Separating true from false is increasingly difficult.

The media is a powerful tool to spread false information. There are places, however, dedicated to pointing out that false information impartially. The very best of these is Visit the website and discover what distortions are being spread by special interests this week.

Here you can explore the step by step creation of the classic 1952 "Eisenhower Discovers America" campaign. The step by step process is the same as used today.

The Thirty Second Candidate: From Idea to Ad

Study the ad on the right then click below and read about the techniques used by propaganda posters to motivate Americans in World War II.

Powers of Persuasion, Poster Art From World War II

Factual Appeals - Land of the Hard Sell

There are many types of factual appeals, but the three main categories are:

1) Features

Dazzle the buyer with all the things the product can do.

2) The Demonstration

Show the product in action.

3) Price

Sale! Sale! Sale!

1) Features

What does the product have? What can the product do?

A USP is best. It provides a solid fact for consumers to remember and also "positions" the product among its competitors.

The ad to the right has a simple theme and a direct USP, "131 years, one recipe."

Jack Daniels
Click for larger image
©1995, Jack Daniels Distillery

As the Advertising Age article on noted, the company moved from the hard sell of its original campaign to a USP based approach - "free shipping".

The product below has a USP - claiming a benefit from magnets. There is no scientific evidence associating magnetism with foot comfort, but the lack of "proof" doesn't stop the company from making the claim.

The opposite of the USP is the fact bombardment. The idea is not for the consumer to remember any single detail, but to be favorably impressed by the volume of details.

The Yamaha ad to the right bombards you with facts. But is your "information processing" ability overwhelmed with details?

Yamaha Ad
Click for larger image
©1998, Yamaha
The VW ad below also bombards you with details. But it provides you with an interpreter.

Advertising Techniques - Just the Facts, Ma'am

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