Web Board is software tool that allows you to have discussions with your professor and classmates over the Internet. This "conferencing" software enables you to exchange messages with others without both (or all) of you being online at the same time. You can post or read messages at home, at work, in the computer lab, or elsewhere as long as the computer you're using is connected to the World Wide Web. Web Board can also be used for online chatting, which does require that all parties to the chat be online simultaneously.

The course WebBoard is different from course web site. Right now, you are on the course web site. The web site is a compilation of web pages describing the course. It is housed on the FGCU Ruby server (computer). When you click Enter WebBoard below, you travel to a new server named Onyx to use the conferencing tool whose commercial name is WebBoard. To take an online tutorial on WebBoard, click here. If you need additional help, please sign up for a free workshop.

Click on the text link or the URL below to make a connection.   

Enter WebBoard



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