EDF 6215 Learning Principles

Fall 1997

Module 8-- Vygotsky's Sociohistorical Theory


Learning Objectives 

  • Chapter 9
  • Content Overview 


            *One problem working on the web is that visiting a link creates a change in the color of future cases of that link.  Therefore, as in the case of the following examples, you can predict answers based on which links change colors and which do not.  To stop this so that your learning remains at its maximum- it is necessary to change the color of all links prior to you starting. Click here to change the color of all practice links  

    Links to Resources 


    Read the following Gedanken.  Once complete, I encourage you to consider the variety of issues that are raised, as well as the possible reasons that the assignment is written the way it is.  Once you have crafted your response, e-mail me your work.


    You have just accepted a new position as a "Learning Theories Analyst" with the Florida Department of Education, Division of Professional Training.  Your first task is related to the development of an online in-service program for teachers.  Your supervisor directs you to begin to build a database of websites that teachers can use to learn about a variety of learning theories.  The supervisor requests that you start with Vygotsky.

    Your specific task is to identify at least 7 sites on the World Wide Web that can be used to help teachers learn about Vygotsky.  Each site must be visited, evaluated, and a brief review written.  Based on the quality of the site (how will you judge quality?) you are to assign each site between 1 and 5 golden apples. Then prepare for your supervisor a brief report containing the URL of each site, the number of golden apples assigned, and a brief narrative addressing the content and quality of the site. Finally, include information on the criteria you used to judge each site.

    TIP: Above, under Links to Resources, there are 6 sites already identified.  You can use no more than three of these on your list.  Since these sites were easily found using Infoseek, you may want to try a different search engine that might yield different results.

    Alternative 2

  • Piaget and Vygotsky have many similar and compatible ideas. However, some of their ideas, including those concerning the relationship between a young child's language and thought development are divergent. Discuss the difference of opinion that these two theorists have concerning this issue. Then, choose the position which makes the most sense to you and offer an explanation for your choice.


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