Criteria for Individual Project

Due Date: Monday, November 29, 1999 by 9 AM

Instructions for Submission of Individual Project: The individual project is to be submitted to Dr. Glacken by 9:00 AM on Monday, November 29, 1999.  You may submit completed projects prior to the deadline.  Projects submitted after the deadline will lose 5 points for each day late. No projects will be accepted after Friday, December 4, 1999.  Projects may be hand delivered to the instructor's office in Griffin 243, submitted by e-mail, or faxed (941-590-7474). You may also leave projects with Cindy Stasiewski, Executive Secretary for the Department of Interdisciplinary Studies. Cindy's desk is located right outside of Dr. Glacken's office. It is the responsibility of the student to ensure that the instructor has received the project, regardless of how the project is submitted. If the project is electronically submitted, the student is responsible for checking with the instructor prior to the deadline to be certain the project has been received in full.

Project Description

Students will be required to select a unit of instruction specific to their health discipline, or an area related to their discipline (pre-requisite areas of knowledge such as chemistry, biology, etc.), and develop a lesson plan for the unit.  When selecting a topic for the unit of instruction, choose a topic which is specific and manageable in size, and not one that is too broad.  For example, a lesson on gram-positive bacteria would be too broad, but a lesson on Staphylococci would be manageable.

The lesson plan is to be developed and submitted in an acceptable written format as presented in module 10.  Either the sentence outline format, 2 column format, or 3 column format is acceptable.  The lesson plan must include a minimum of three different teaching strategies for delivering the unit of instruction.  For example, your main strategy may be the presentation of instruction through lecture (first strategy) and the utilization of demonstration (second strategy), programmed instruction (third strategy), and discussion (fourth strategy) to complete the lesson.

After the lesson plan has been prepared, develop ten (10) test questions using any format (multiple choice, essay, short answer, matching, etc.) to assess student learning related to the lesson.  The assessment instrument is to be prepared in a written format which would be presented as an examination for students.  Be sure to include directions or instructions for answering the questions.

Projects are to be typed, using a 12 point font.  Due to the format of lesson plans, single spacing will be allowed.  Select one of the three lesson plan formats (Sentence Outline Form, Two Column, or Three Column) which corresponds to your organizational style, teaching style, and subject content.  Lesson plans must include the following:  cover page, instructional set, body of the lesson, and closure.  The assessment instrument is to be typed in a format which could be presented to students to assess their learning of the unit of instruction.  The criteria for evaluation is presented below.  Be aware that the evaluation of your project will include the correct usage of grammar, punctuation, and spelling.

Grading Criteria

The criteria for evaluation of the project will be distributed as follows:  Total Points = 100