EDF 6215: Question and Answer Page

Question: We are only required to complete homework for 9 of the 11 on-line modules. Must we participate in the on-line discussion for those modules we choose to skip?

Answer: Yes, students are expected to participate in the on-line discussion for every module, regardless of whether or not you have completed the homework for that module.

Question: What is the "Research Discussion Conference" that is set up on the WebBoard?

Answer: In addition to the weekly discussion on the modules, students will participate in an on-line discussion of the research projects that their peers have completed. As noted on the syllabus, prior to December 11 students must have reviewed the research of at last 3 peers in the class. Based on these reviews, students will make 3 posts to the WebBoard (one for each research project reviewed). When you open the conference and review my introductory post, you will obtain more information concerning the nature of this requirement.

Question: When I access my grade, it says "Intermediate Basket Weaving," where is my grade?

Answer: This is an unfortunate problem I hope to resolve soon. In fact, the grades that are listed will be accurate grades for you. However, the template I used is JavaScript, and every time I try to fix it, I only succeed in crashing the system. So, the grade is accurate, although the course title is not.

 Question: Can I work with another student on class assignments?

Answer: Yes. In fact, I encourage students to work together. All assignments (except discussion questions) may be completed by a pair of students. If 2 students work together, it is my expectation that the completed project will somehow represent the additional labor provided by the contribution of 2 versus 1 one student. Students will not be allowed to work as a group of 3 because, in my experience, the resultant project rarely reflects the contributions of 3 people. And, as an issue of fairness, I feel uncomfortable allowing students similar grades when the effort expended appears to be substantially unequal, although the final projects may look similar.