Health Assessment: Basis for Professional Practice

NUR 3067C

 Case Study Examination



 Read each question carefully. Use your Thompson and Wilson textbook as a guide when writing your answers. For full credit, be sure to answer questions completely, including age, gender, and cultural variations as appropriate. All answers must be readable (using correct spelling and grammar) and typewritten.

 Due Date:

 For students enrolled in the Wednesday section of NUR 3067C, your case study examination is due at 8:00 AM on Wednesday, November 19, 1997. All other students will submit their case study examination by 1:30 PM on Tuesday, November 18, 1997.

 Case Study:

 You are a nurse working in a busy free-clinic for the homeless in Fort Myers, Florida. You see clients of all ages and cultural backgrounds. You are responsible for taking histories and doing a health assessment on the clients as needed. The following 10 questions relate to this scenario.


  1. Describe how you would distinguish between jaundice, pallor, and cyanosis in your clients.
  2. What questions would you ask during a head and neck assessment of a client who bumped his head after falling off of his bike?
  3. List and describe screening tests that you could perform to evaluate auditory function.
  4. What turning fork results would you expect in a client with impacted cerumen in the right ear?
  5. What process would you use to inspect eye movement in six gaze fields?
  6. Differentiate between direct and indirect percussion and give an example of each.
  7. Where should you hear bronchial breath sounds? Bronchovesicular breath sounds? Vesicular breath sounds? If you hear bronchial breath sounds over the right lung base, what would it indicate?
  8. When performing a respiratory examination on a child, list two normal findings that differ from those expected in an adult.
  9. What normal cardiovascular findings would you expect to see in a pregnant client?
  10. Describe how you would auscultate bowel sounds. How often should bowel sounds occur? What are the factors that may influence the frequency of bowel sounds?