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 Environmental Risk Assessment 


Epidemiology Web Links


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Risk Assessment Environmental Epidemiology
Hazardous Chemicals & Substances Environmental Regulatory & Advocacy Agencies/Groups

Exposure Assessment Exposure Assessment Framework & Plan
Risk Assessment
Pathway Analysis & Risk Assessment CE397: Environmental Risk Assessment
Environmental Risk Assessment Guide for the Home Journalists Guide to Environmental Risk Assessment
Envriornmental Risk Assessment: Australian Perspective Network for Environmental Risk Assessment & Management
Environmental Risk Assessment for Rural Home Owners Introduction to Environmental Risk Assessment
Risk World Society for Risk Analysis
SRA RISK ANALYSIS Discussion Group Articles from the Journal "Risk"
CE 397 Environmental Risk Assessment Term Project Presentations  Environmental Risk Assessment: Applications to Hazardous Waste Sites 
Prof M. Mark Miller Risk Communication Page (UT-Knoxville) Retrospective on U.S. Health Risk Assessment: How Others Can Benefit
U.S. Department of Energy: Risk Management Basic Definitions of Risk Terms
A Primer on Health Risk Communication Principles and Practices Articles from the Journal "Risk"
ORNL: ECOLOGICAL RISK ANALYSIS: TOOLS AND APPLICATIONS Congressional Research Service (CRS) Briefs: Environmental Risk Assessment & Risk Management
Environmental Risk Assessment with GIS Environmental Risk Assessments of Oil and Gas Activities Using National Security and Civilian Data Sources
Center for Environmental Risk's 7 Priorities EPA Region Five Guide to Environmental Risk
Australian Academy of Technological Sciences & Engineering (AATSE): Managing Environmental Risks Environmental Epidemiology, Volume 2: Use of the Gray: Literature and Other Data in Environmental Epidemiology
EPA: What is Risk? -- Principles, Policy, Papers, and Primers Oak Ridge National Laboratory: Risk Assessment (ORNL)
Environmental Liability Management: Case Study An Objective Environmental Dictionary
Scorecard: (Risk & Epi) Glossary of Risk Assessment Related Terms 

Environmental Epidemiology

The International Society for Environmental Epidemiology National Cancer Institute: The Division of Cancer Epidemiology and Genetics (DCEG)
Epidemiology for the Uninitiated State of Texas: Environmental Epidemiology & Toxicology Program
National Cancer Institute: Surveilance, Epidemiloogy & End Results (SEER) Program Veterinary Informatics and Epidemiology
Centre for Clinical Epidemiology and Biostatistics: Australia American College of Epidemiology
Supercourse: Epidemiology & Public Health Lecture John Snow: Historical Giant in Epidemiology
World-Wide Web Virtual Library: Epidemiology The Global Environmental Epidemiology Network (GEENET)
Frequently Asked Questions About Health, The Environment & Work Scottish Environmental Protection Agency

Hazardous Chemicals & Substances

NIEHS Superfund Site Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry (ATSDR)
Hazardous Chemical Database National Toxicity Program
CDC Tobacco Information & Prevention Source Adverse Effects of PCBs
EPA Integrated Risk Information System (IRIS) on Polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs)  Environment Writer
Environment Writer Reading Racks Environment Writer Webs of Interest
Air Pollution Encyclopedia.com
Duke Occupational & Environmental Medicine Website Pesticide Fact Sheets
Mercury: LOOKING FOR ALTERNATIVES PEDINFO: An Index of the Pediatric Internet
Birds & Heavy Metal Poisoning Congenital Malformations/Birth Defects
Pediatric Conditions & Diseases
Congenital Syndromes & Malformations, and Inborn Errors of Metabolism
Why is Mercury a Problem?
Crossroads: Toxic Chemical Backgrounder International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) 
Handbook for Interpretation of Laboratory Tests Periodic Table of the Elements
EPA Superfund National Priority List Using Toxicity Values in Risk Assessments

Environmental Regulatory Agencies

U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) ChemCenter: The American Chemical Society Online
NSF Taskforce on the Environment EPA Links to the Federal Register
U. S. Fish & Wildlife Service U.S. National Institutes on Health (NIH)
World Health Information National Institute on Occupational Safety & Health (NIOSH)
U.S. National Institute for Environmental Health Sciences (NIEHS) Centers for Disease Control
United Nations (UN) Report: Central Asia: Environmental Assessment Environmental Canada
FDA: Risk Assessments Food Safety & Risk Analysis Clearinghouse (FDA)
Bad Bug Book Science & Judgment (Risk Assessment & Analysis, National Academy of Sciences)
Evidence Based Medicine Terms Risk Glossary for Cancer